Watch Our January Virtual Open House!

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Check Out What Is New This Month!

1. All new photos
This is all supported with live narration with an overview of the museum. The Center features five operating train layouts plus
dozens of military model dioramas with artists from our own team and from around the world.

2. How to Use Acrylic Caulk to Create Realist Water
Jon Addison is a master at creating compelling water scenes and he will show you how to use acrylic caulk to produce rivers,
ponds, bays, and other water features simply and convincingly.

3. A Tribute to Tim Godfrey.
Recently we lost a good friend and a valued member of our team, Tim Godfrey so we are featuring a number of the models he created for
the Sundance Central Modular Railway as well as Lakeshore Industrial Railroad on display at he Center.


4. Perfecting a Method for Ocean Waves
If you've attended our sessions in the past you may have seen Frank's work on his sub diorama. Beyond the detail work on the sub itself, creating realistic ocean waves is a real challenge. Frank scrapped his first two attempts seeking perfection and he got it here. He will show the process
he used on the waves, the spray, and flowing water from the ports. 

5. Focus Stacking for Dramatic Photos
If you have done any model photography you know how tough it is to have everything in the scene in focus. "Focus stacking" uses simple and inexpensive software to combine a dozen or more photos into one where everything is in focus and you get a 3D effect in the depth. You'll like it!

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PLEASE NOTE:  The Center is closed to the public at this point becuase of the pandemic.  We hope to resume
our open hours later in 2021 and will keep you informed about that.